Professional Experience

See my professional career journey and experiences.

Sr. Software Engineer Feb 2022 - Now

Backend engineer at B2B disbursement platform which helps bussiness disburse money for various business purpose (domestic and international).

  • Design and implement scalable engineering solution for disbursement product
  • Achieve and maintain B2B Disbursement API SLA under 5s >= 95% transactions
Tech Lead Dec 2020 - Feb 2022

I've got promotion after finished my probation period with some key responsibilities:

  • As platform team to modernize & oversee infrastructure to scale. We manage to migrate single large server to AWS fargate so it can handle up to 20k concurrent users to our webstore
  • Performing load test to benchmark & finding improvement metrics
  • Leading backend team to release roadblock, optimize workflow, and culture transformation to get quality in each release
  • as hiring team to assess candidates for engineering role in interview and technical test
  • as part of backend team to maintain codebase, release feature, bug fix, and also deployment
  • Code review and code release control for backend department
VP of Engineering Jan 2018 - Dec 2020
DOT Indonesia

Since our company is growth, I've stepped to managerial role that responsible for several key areas in engineering such are:

  • Ensure project outcome is meet company standard and collaborate with project & operational department
  • Managing engineers and leading team to update skill & engineering best practice
  • Involved in hiring activities & company culture
  • Perform system analysis for marketing purpose and pre-development phase
  • As a Task force team to helped boost project timeline

My achievement during my managerial role:

  • Upgrading standard development workflow & engineering standard as a guideline and internal tools
  • Discover our KPI system to track & monitor our employees
  • Helped to organize our new engineering organization
  • Learned to build a bot using platform
  • Discover new project management process using gitlab
  • Helped to enhance company culture & some company workflows
Backend Engineer Jan 2016 - Dec 2017
DOT Indonesia

Since our agency growth and merged with DOT, our team increased so I've focused as Backend Engineer role. Not only code for backend, but also provide system analysist and architecture plan. During my role as Backend Engineer, my accomplishment are:

  • Introducing automation test & CI / CD as a development workflow
  • Discover standard engineering especially in web application such as design pattern
  • Discover our standard hiring process such as technical test until interview process
  • Discover standard system analysis for prospect project so marketing team able to create proposal based on our analysis result
Web Developer Jan 2015 - Dec 2015
Ayowes! Website & Mobile App Consultant

I joined as web developer and during my first year, I've helped our company to setup:

  • Git VCS to our team
  • Laravel as our main framework
  • Mentoring our first internship program
  • Hiring our new team member
Freelance Web Developer Oct 2014 - April 2015

I've completed 1 project during my freelance time. I've built a web application for MLM (multi level marketing) system that handle membership, product sales, and finance.

I built it with Laravel 4.2 and quite challenging in membership module because we have to figure out how to arrange pyramid schema for member

Web Developer & Project Manager Feb 2013 - Oct 2014
PT. Digital Semesta

My first professional career as a web developer, built PHP based application and integrating to 3rd party system such as payment gateway. Also as project manager is to coordinate, breakdown task and handle client business need.

I've completed 3 projects, all of them was web application and one of them was my first experience to used Laravel framework (version 4.1)

Contributor May 2012 - May 2013

I was enjoying to write about tech at that moment, so I was joined to as a writer and contributor to write about GNU Linux and Windows section.

Server Technician Oct 2012 - Dec 2012

I've used to love Linux and system administration at that time, so I helped my friend to setup and build a linux server for their application platform. I used Ubuntu server and LAMP stack.